Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle - More than Britain's Talent

If you didn’t see and hear Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, check her out on YouTube.

Susan Boyle is a 47-year-old woman who says she’s never been kissed, in fact, she said she’s never even had a date. She still lives in the house in which she grew up and cared for her parents. Before dying, Susan’s mother told Susan to make something of herself. When Simon Cowell asked her why she hadn’t been successful with a singing career until now, Susan said she’d never been given the chance. She hoped the reality show would be her opportunity.

Can you imagine how Susan Boyle felt? Don’t you wonder how she had the guts to get on that stage? Then, after subtle mocking from not only Simon but the whole audience, don't you wonder how she still kept it together enough to sing...magnificently?

Susan Boyle did five things that opened the door for her: She believed in honoring her commitments, she honed her skill, never gave up, didn’t let her age stop her, and she showed up.

“So what?” you say, "What’s that mean to me?"

Maybe everything. Like Susan Boyle, you don't know where life is going to take you. If life hasn’t turned out the way you wanted, you don't pack it in. Instead, you do what Boyle did, you keep doing your best so that when opportunity comes your way, you're ready. Following Boyle's lead, here's how:

  • Make a commitment to yourself and be serious about honoring it. It might also help if you commit to someone else, as in an accountability partner
  • Keep practicing what you do best. Maybe it’s not singing in the choir. Maybe your talent is organization and the only practice you get is organizing and managing the volunteers at your child’s school. Keep doing it. Recently, I met a woman whose talent is sewing. One day she made a handbag that got so many compliments, she began making and selling them. In one year, her hobby has grown into a business and a nice income.
  • NEVER give up. A dream deferred isn’t a dream denied.
  • Too old? Nonsense! Sometimes opportunities come your way with the confidence of experience.
  • SHOW UP – if you are always turning your back on an opportunity or saying “no, not now”, nothing will ever happen. You have to show up in your life by saying ‘yes’ to opportunities.

No matter where you are in your life, don’t go quietly into some obscure quiet life. Follow the Victorious Woman Model, just as Susan Boyle did, and LIVE OUT LOUD, IN LIVING COLOR.

In Victory,



Gena said...

I want to affirm your statement about just showing up. Sometimes I can be afraid to start things thinking "Who am I to attempt this?"

I am the person the idea embraced. I have found that even when my skills or I am not perfect by taking that first shaky step it the most important thing you can do. Because the next step will move you forward.

Thanks for the post. Here is to holding our dreams in our hearts.

Marj Wyatt said...


I heard about this event on NPR earlier this week. I concur with your analysis too. We must hold to our dreams and, when we do, we are being true to our truest self.

Abraham Hicks newsletter once broke down the components of the Law Of Attraction's principle regarding BE-DO-HAVE. I was intrigued by this simple approach to changing one's mindset.

In years hence, I have reformed that mindset technique to be:


Without our dreams, there is no possibility of achieving results. Susan Boyle is a living example of this and also of grace under fire. With everyone scoffing at her, she had many reasons to falter in her beliefs. She did not let this stand in the way of her dream!

Bravo, Susan Boyle. Thanks for the post, Annmarie.