Friday, May 8, 2009

The Teal Tea

Last Sunday I drove to Trenton NJ for the Teal Tea. I had the honor of presenting the Victorious Woman April’09 award to its founder, Jean Shipos.

Brief background: Jean beat ovarian cancer TWICE! She’s now past the five year marker (the 2nd one). Jean, like our other Victorious Woman Honorees, is using her challenge of a lifetime and subsequent victory to educate, encourage and inspire other women who are battling cancer. She’s doing that through the Teal Tea Foundation. Its mission is to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and its detection and support research for the cure. time). You can read Jean’s story at

The Teal Tea: If you are like me, your heart would have been uplifted when you entered the hotel ballroom and saw the specially - and spectacularly - decorated tables, each one different. The room was filled with the 300+ guests, mostly women. The air was charged with their energy and enthusiasm; it reverberated throughout the room.

When I arrived at the Teal Tea, its publicist Mary Jane Crawford was my guide. I sat between Lois, a cancer survivor, and Vanessa, whose mother and grandmother died from cancer. Thank you each for making me feel welcome!!

After the award presentation, Jean introduced me to Sharon, whose son died of Leukemia. She is the founder of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation to help Philadelphia PA area children with cancer and their families, in the area.

During the whole event, Jean Shipos worked tirelessly. Her passion for making the event both fun and purposeful was evident. She barely sat down; between coordinating events with the leader of the wonderful jazz band, overseeing the competitions for “Best Table” or “Best Hat” or watching out for Mr. & Mrs. Teal Tea, Jean was busy from beginning to end.

Of course, and Jean would be the first to tell you, she didn't do it alone. She had so many volunteers that it seemed as though all the attendees doubled as volunteers. That’s because everyone knew they were there because (1) they want to find a better detection tool for finding ovarian cancer and (2) they want to find a cure so that no one else, or no one's loved one, has to hear that devastating diagnosis.

It won’t be long before Jean Shipos starts getting ready for the 2010 Teal Tea. If you would like to donate to her cause – money, sponsorship, gifts for silent auction or anything else, Jean would love to talk with you. You can learn more about the Teal Tea at

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day

Wherever I go, it seems women are talking about how they don't feel anyone appreciates what they do for their families, their work, etc. Most moms feel they are there for their families, but when mom needs them to step up and do something for her, everyone seems to get busy.

So, when it comes to Mother's Day, I can't tell you how many women tell me how they put a smile on their face and say thank you for what their children give them - knowing that tomorrow they'll go back to being the invisible family member.

Here's a link to the article...let me know how you feel about it:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thirty-One Tips for Victory

To help you connect with your inner Victorious Woman, the Victorious Woman Project has a free download of the Victorious Woman Month Calendar. Each day has a tip for connecting with your amazing Victorious Woman SELF - and inviting others to join you in this wonderful celebration of women.

It's fun and inspiring, and available at

Victorious Woman Month Starts Today!

May is International Victorious Woman Month.

The Victorious Woman Project, whose mission is to empower women to love their lives and live victoriously, is kicking off its annual Victorious Woman Month celebrations, starting with the Victorious Woman Essay Contest. The contest, open to all women worldwide, acknoledeges women for their specific achievements.

Unlike some awards which recognize specifc goals, the Victorious Woman Essay Contest welcomes women to showcase the emotional stretch they made to overcome obstacles they faced on their journey. Contest closes on May 13 and winners will be announced on May 30.

In addition to the annual contest, author and speaker Annmarie Kelly is offering three free teleseminars, the very special Victorious Woman Month Calendar (free download), will be featured on the radio and is hosting the annual Victorious Woman Celebration on May 28

How can you get involved?
1 - Sign on to the Victorious Woman mailing list for event listings announcements:
2 - Enter the Victorious Woman Essay Contest - there's still time, you have until May 13 to submit your entry:
3 - Download the calendar and do the suggested activities:
4 - Create your own Victorious Woman celebration May 28 and get your friends celebrating their own and each other's victories

Have an incredible and VICTORIOUS Month!