Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honoring Kay Presto During Women's Heritage Month

When I first found out about Kay Presto, I was really impressed with what she managed to do in motor sports at a time when women weren't very welcome. I could hardly wait to talk to her. That's when (nod to Paul Harvey) I got "the rest of the story."

It was 1971 and Kay was only at the car races that day because her daughter was "queen" of the annual event. In fact, when the sports editor of the local paper asked her to write a column, she told him she had no experience. Kay didn't really want the job; she had just left a job so she could write a book and finish raising her four children. But the more she resisted, the more he insisted.

Back then, Kay had no idea what was in store for her. Kay became the first woman photojournalist in motor sports and carved out a career that excites her to this day. Her experiences are great reminders of how far women have come, and that's why she is the special Women's Heritage Month Victorious Woman Honoree.

Kay is such fun to talk to and, each time I have, I've left our conversations inspired and energized. You will be too when you read Kay Presto's story at

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